Jamaican born artist now living in New Orleans since 2010. I was a super naive island boy moving to America.......there was and still is much to learn and I love it.Growing up my mother used to always say "your gift will make a way for you'. Inspired by tradition, culture and music I render my works using mainly acrylic paints on canvas. I am an islander so I love using bright and vibrant colors so the artwork "pops" off your wall. Painting gives me purpose and it is my passion. I had never thought I could make a living off painting always hearing the "starving artist narrative" but I leapt forward after my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 49, hearing these words from my father on his death bed,'never stop painting" , "There will be victory even though the army will be shed"(he was a pastor ). Meaning even though he wont be around , me and my family will be successful. These pieces are in honor of his legacy