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Spanning 6 x 4 feet, this amazing piece depicts the Jamaican Maroons that escaped in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. these brave and resilient people escaped to the mountains of Jamaica and created colonies, fighting the British redcoats in stealth and cunning, They are the creators of the world famous JERK CHICKEN that we know today, cooking in stealth. The piece is done in astonishing detail with acrylic on wood and boasts a wider span of my craftsmanship. We can see two main runaways jumping "out the frame" to freedom as a bullet from a redcoats musket zings past them, in the background we see the rest of the enslaved people being cornered........in a beautiful Caribbean landscape. The ship adorns a figurehead of a mermaid (River Muma) as known to sing and snare sailors with hypnotic song as the myths say. This is a SHOWSTOPPER